Finding the Joy In Caregiving

Becoming a caregiver for aging parents is an import and challenging role that many of us will face. What will be expected of you when you become a caregiver? Defining roles is important because those roles will change as time goes on. There will be instances where it is necessary to delegate and bring in either family members or professionals to help.

Caregivers have day to day contact and are the main point of contact and advocates. Here are a few areas that need to be considered when it comes to being a caregiver:

  • Companionship
  • Chores
  • Errands
  • Health Advocate
  • Transportation
  • Finances

If you are find yourself in the position of becoming a caregiver, it is normal to think you have to do everyone on your own. The truth is, if you try to take on everything, burnout will be not too far behind. It’s important to learn how to utilize resources that are available to you and take advantage of it.


The two of you will grow tired of each other and become irritable if you do not have outside visitors. Encourage family and friends to still stop by and visit when your mom or dad are feeling up to it.


Taking care of your self and others can become a challenge. Enlist the help of a cleaning company. If budget is an issue, it’s okay to have someone come in once a month or quarterly for a nice deep clean and sanitizing.


Take advantage of the internet by ordering items online and having things delivered. Amazon let’s you put certain household items on a recurring delivery schedule such as laundry detergent saving you time and money. Grocery stores now let you go online and place orders for curbside pickup.


Getting back and forth to doctor’s appointments is critical to a senior’s care. On days you must attend doctor’s appointments, be realistic about your time. Chances are the visit is going to take up most of your day. Save yourself the stress and plan accordingly.

If vehicle is an issue, contact your local government senior center or you doctors office to find out what wheelchair transportation programs are available in your area.


Taking over someone’s finances is a sensitive issue. It’s important to remain transparent and make sure everyone in the family is reasonably on board. You also don’t want to take away a parent’s independence before it ‘s time. Open communication early one is the key to avoiding problems and stress overload later on.

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