Questions to Ask When Choosing a Hospice

Mobile X-ray of Louisiana works with many home hospice organizations. When your loved one is sick and succumbs to an injury, it is important to keep them stable and identify the injury as soon as possible.

In most hospice situations, moving a sick loved one can be traumatic. Our Mobile X-ray equipment that includes DR digital imaging can help determine the nature of an injury before your relative is transported to the hospital. Knowing before transport helps escalate the diagnosis and treatment time to help the patient find comfort as quickly as possible.

Finding a hospice organization, that suits your family’s needs is important. Mobile X-ray of Louisiana recommends interviewing and researching multiple hospice organizations before deciding.

  1. Are they highly recommended?
  2. Is the hospice Medicare-certified?
  3. What role will the family play when hospice comes into the home?
  4. What are the limits on treatment that needs to be administered?
  5. What is considered a crisis response and how soon can hospice send someone?
  6. Are there options for inpatient care? While patients are cared for at home, sometimes they need to go to a facility to manage certain complications.
  7. Do you work with a mobile x-ray company?
  8. What kind of bereavement services do you offer?
  9. How long have they been in operation?
  10. Do they provide care at nursing home or assisted living facilities?
  11. How often will they be able to visit?
  12. Are they able to be present during the final hours?
  13. Do they offer any special programs to for military veterans?

A good hospice organization is there to support both the patient and the family. Everyone needs support during this emotional transition when losing a loved one.

Visit our website for a list of organizations in Louisiana that help with elder care.

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